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What does liability mean for an ICT freelancer?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you cause damage in your private life, your family insurance will usually cover it. Being careless during work hours can also lead to damage. As an ICT professional, your client – or your client’s client – can seek compensation. With the right insurance, you can ensure that you don’t end up covering these yourself.

  • Most mistakes ICT professionals make are of an intellectual nature, such as software bugs. When intellectual errors lead to financial loss, we speak of  professional liability. 
  • However, sometimes the cause is a small blunder, for example you let a server slip out of your hands or you knock over a glass of water. In these cases you need a classic civil liability insurance. 

Our insurance covers you against both intellectual errors and clumsy accidents.

Contractual obligation?

As an independent expert, you often find yourself in a 'David versus Goliath' client relationship. The client usually obligates you contractually and unilaterally to have insurance. Take the time to check this in your own cooperation agreement.

If this is the case, a lack of insurance means you are violating the terms of your contract. 

A total package

The insurance has become a ‘no-worries' complete package. 

That means, among other things, that all ICT-related activities can be covered. Our freelancer liability insurance is suitable for developers, system engineers, database administrators, web developers, and others.

Because managerial positions are covered at no extra cost, this insurance is also suitable for ICT project managers and ICT managers!

By default each insurance policy features the broadest possible protection against claims. Each policy includes all the safeguards that you can include in an insurance contract. Thus, we cover not only intellectual mistakes, but also classic civil liability, including damage to goods entrusted (e.g. the server you are working with). Basic legal assistance is also included.

Lots of extra enhancements

Small and large ICT companies that rely on Certibit for their insurance, know that quality is of the utmost importance to us. Our commitment to quality is also reflected in our offer to ICT freelancers.

Therefore our freelancer liability insurance offers coverage for:

  • Unintentional violation of intellectual property rights
    Example: You are a software developer accused of a breach of (software) copyrights.
  • Unintentional defamation, slander and libel
    Example: One of the websites you are working on is hacked and used to mock a public figure.
  • Liability for damage caused by subcontractors
    If you hire a subcontractor to take over some of your work, and he causes damage to your customer, you are still covered if you are held liable in any way. 
  • Goods entrusted, in a broad sense
    We insure you against damage to the equipment and the machinery you are working on (e.g. during the placement of a disk in your client’s server). In addition, all devices and machines that you use as working material (e.g. a laptop) during an assignment are insured. Even while being transported to and from your client!
  • Even the unintentional spreading of a computer virus can be covered – on the condition that you take a number of basic precautions.

A very competitive price

In the past, the high cost kept freelancers – with reason – from deciding against taking out insurance. With this offer we make liability insurance accessible to all ICT freelancers. So you can exercise your profession carefree, and in line with your contractual obligations, at an acceptable price. 

Do you already have an insurance policy? Ask us for a quote. We are confident that we can do better.

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